On May 12th, 2015, Jake surprised me by proposing to me on the Champ de Mars in Paris, France. I’m still in awe over this magical experience and think of this amazing moment every day.

Asian Guy White Girl Paris Proposal

We had an incredible few weeks in Paris, falling in love all over again with each other and becoming more excited about the next phase in our relationship.

But we also fell in love with the City of Light. It’s not hard – to say that Paris is a beautiful and magical place is both a cliché and an understatement (You already ‘know’ because you’ve heard it from everyone but the funny thing is, the city seduces you anyway…).

We eventually left Paris, knowing that we had to return someday…

But little did we know it would be sooner than both of us realized!

A few weeks after returning home we began to look for a suitable wedding venue.  But as we began to get further into planning a wedding in our home city of Los Angeles, CA, we were blown away by the prices of local wedding venues! As it turns out, we live in probably the second most expensive city in the U.S. to be wed, after New York City.  Having an ocean view at your wedding added even more to the final cost, and $30,000 was not an uncommon number to see.  This was before adding the cost of the various wedding vendors, like caterers, flowers and entertainment!

After a few more tours of underwhelming venues, we wistfully turned our sights back to Paris and joked that we could probably get married back in the place where it all started. And as it would turn out, prices were not only comparable, but cheaper! We started to contemplate the possibility of a once in a lifetime wedding. But could we do it?

After sharing our beautiful photos from our Parisian engagement photo shoot, my mother jokingly told Jake, “Oh my gosh Jake, how are you going to top this?”

That settled it, as far as he was concerned – we were getting married in Paris.

That might sound like a unilateral decision, but who was I to complain?  Paris?  Are you kidding?  A wedding in Paris wasn’t even something that seemed to be in the realm of possibility for a girl from Utah, but I was certainly game!

It was like he read my mind.

And so began our journey to Paris – a Herculean task that required both of us to play to our strengths and work as a team to make this dream wedding happen. Jake, already having been to Paris a number of times, possessing a working knowledge of the language, and possibly having mild OCD (Love you, babe! 😉 ) – took over planning the wedding, honeymoon, and itineraries for all guests. Heather, a clinically certified workaholic, immediately sat down and began making extra money to help pay for it all.

It’s been a grueling process to put it mildly but this journey (more like odyssey!) served not only to achieve our improbable goals but to strengthen our relationship.

Join us on our Journey to Paris and learn how you can not only have a dream wedding in one of the most romantic cities in the world – even if it seems out of reach. We can’t promise it’ll be easy getting there, but we can tell you it will be worth it.

Asian Guy White Girl Paris Proposal


Heather & Jake



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